Exhibitor Profile

IIBT Indonesia Event will take a place at Jakarta International Expo. A perfect place for exhibition in a venue built to international standard. Only 30 minutes away from Jakarta’s CBD, half an hour away from Soekarno – Hatta International Airport, 20 minutes away from Gambir train station, 5 minutes away from five stars hotels and leading restaurants, and 2 minutes from Kemayoran highway.

Coach & Bus (Including Carrosserie)

Large and Medium Coach (including Public Transport Coach and Tourism Coach), City Bus, Rural Bus, Bus & Coach Equipment, RV & Caravan, Airport Transit Coach, Chassis.


Lowboy Trailer, Fuel Trailer, Water Trailer, Chemical Liquids Trailer, Heated Asphalt Trailer, Container/Flatbed Trailer, Bulk Cement Trailer, Cargo Semi-Trailer, Store/stake Semi-Trailer, Side Dump Semi Trailer, Van Trailer, Mixer Trailer, Refrigerated Dry Freight Trailer, Live Stock Trailer, Tilt Trailer, Trailer flatbed, Trailer lowbed, Trailer dolly, Trailer sliding bed, Trailer logging, Trailer goldhofer, Trailer multi axle (cometto), Semi Trailer.


Heavy/Medium/Large Duty Truck and Pickup Truck, Cab Behind and Cab Over of Engine Truck, Tractor, Dump Truck, Mining Truck and Crane, Tank Truck and Container Carrier, Bulk Cement Truck and Fire Fighting Truck, Refrigerated Truck, Insulated Truck, Fire Fighting Truck .

Special Vehicle

Armored Personnel Carrier, Tank, Military, Civil Defense and Police Vehicles, Ambulance.

Heavy Duty Vehicle & Equipment

Construction Vehicle, Construction Machine and Equipment, Mining Vehicle, Trailer, Hydraulic and Crane, Forklift and Warehouse Equipment, Hydraulic Mounted Crane, Logging, Construction Equipment, Mining Machinery and Equipment, Tractor, Agricultural & Forestry Vehicle and Equipment.

Parts, Components & Accessories

Spare Parts & Components: ABS, Auxiliary Power Units, Air-Conditioning, Axle, Air Suspension, Batteries, Bearings, Brake, Clutches, Cockpits, Cooling Systems, Container of Truck, Engine, Exhaust & Fuel System Components, Fasteners, Filter, Heating, Panoramic Roofs, Radiator, Rubber Parts, Sealing Rings, Seats, Sensor Systems, Shock Absorber, Spark Plug, Steering System, Suspensions, Tail Plate, Loading & Unloading Platform, Tires, Transmission, Windows, etc.

Accessories: Bodywork Equipment & Accessories, Car Audio, Car Fragrance, Equipment for Vehicle, Safety Belt, Interior Equipment & Accessories, Luggage Racks & Handrails, Lighting/Signaling, Safety Glass, GPS System, Wheel.

Management and IT System

Insurance, Leasing, Banking, Consulting, Certification, Financial, IT System, CRM.

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