Transport & Logistics Indonesia 2024 – A Leading Trade Exhibition in Southeast Asia for Transportation and Logistic Industries

JAKARTA – CAGR (Compound Annual Growth Rate) of Indonesia transportation and logistic industry is estimated will grow up to 5.26% in 2029. The market size is estimated will increase from USD 112.18 billion in 2023 to USD 152.54 billion in 2029.

To increase national logistic performance, Indonesia government has developed a plan to reduce logistic costs from 24% to 17% of GDP in 2024. Indonesia aims to achieve the target of infrastructure investment amount USD 429 billion in 2024 and facilitate land transportation of goods in the next years, especially land transportation has the fastest growth in Indonesia.

E-commerce industry gave a significant contribution too for transportation and logistics industry growth in Indonesia. The expansion of e-commerce industry in Indonesia is estimated will grow with GACR 10.41% in 2027, by the increasing of market’s demand continuously.

Therefore, Indonesia has become one of the most wanted market globally for e-commerce and logistic industries, that a lot of local and international companies compete to get these huge and growing markets.

GEM Indonesia committed to support Indonesia government in advancing transportation and logistics industry in Indonesia by presenting business platform that will be attended by the key players of transportation, logistic, forklift, truck, trailer and heavy equipment industries. The key players who will attend such as BERCA (BYD, MLIF, NICHIYU, MITSUBISHI), TRAKTOR NUSANTARA (TOYOTA), LIUGONG, DSL (Hyster), HELI Forklift, MIMA Forklift, TRAKINDO, Multico Equipment Indonesia (Doosan), GENESIS, ARVENTO, Transtrack, Tako Anugerah Koporasi, Arobs Solutions Indonesia, Dwi Tunggal Putra, Dongin Thermo, Tangshan Shenghang Environmental Protection Locomotive Manufacturing Co., Ltd., etc.

Transport & Logistics Indonesia 2024 is a leading trade exhibition in ASEAN for transportation, logistic, forklift and mining solution, it is a conjunction exhibition with Truck & Trailer Indonesia 2024, CON-MINE 2024, and Forklift Indonesia 2024. This exhibition is targeted to attract 35,000 business visitors in 3 days. This exhibition will be held on 15 – 17 May 2024 in JIExpo Kemayoran, Jakarta – Indonesia.

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